• Tree flowers and more, the forest garden in May

    It was a gorgeous summery morning yesterday. Many of the trees in our forest garden were looking gorgeous. Also the sound of the birds was incredible. We could hear grasshopper, sedge & willow warblers and chiff-chaffs back from their foreign trips. The insects were enjoying the tree flowers. So I decided to take a few…

  • January flowers on the Llŷn Penisula

    Wandering through the garden today I was amazed at how much was in flower. We’ve had a really mild winter so far, but cold is on its way and some of these flowers will not survive. How many can you identify?

  • 52 Week Salad Challenge – January pickings

    Michelle over at Veg Plotting suggested on twitter the other day a challenge to grow or forage some salad every week of the year. It’s a great idea and so I’m joining in. I thought it would be fun to see what was available at this time of the year. We’ve had a very mild…

  • Llyn first frosts

    We woke up this morning to some hard frosts after a very clear night. The sunrise over Cardigan Bay was glorious. The red light shone in the trees and they glowed with a warmth absent form the air. Snowdon rises magestically into the clear air.

  • White and kamut sourdough bread

    I experimented today & used 20% kamut flour in with my white sourdough bread. Seems like the long loaf was pleased to see me: some grin there… And this round one is just a star: Taste test to come once it cools a bit 🙂