The Permaculture Kitchen – Resources

The Permaculture Kitchen front & back cover

The Permaculture Kitchen – Resources

In The Permaculture Kitchen, I promised to host videos to help you make the most of the book. These videos are below listed by chapter headings. I would like to add other resources and videos if you would find them useful. Please use the comments form at the bottom to suggest ideas, I’ll choose the best ones and add content here.


  • Introduction
  • Easy basics
  • Seasonal soups
  • Permie pizzas
  • Creative curries
  • Quick veg for pasta, rice, noodles or toast
  • Grills and griddles
  • Eggs are easy
  • Salads and dressings
  • Bread is heaven
  • Preserving time
  • Tips


Salads & dressings

Making mayonnaise with a stick blender:

Bread is heaven

Here’s how you fold the sourdough:

How to simply shape bread to make rolls, a batard, a boule or round loaf and a rectangular loaf.

Here’s how to shape a boule for a banneton: