The Permaculture Kitchen – nearly published

The Permaculture Kitchen by Carl Legge CoverWell my first book is nearly printed. That’s the proper cover design above. Read on to find out whose hands they are 😉

I hope you like it and that loads of people find it useful.The Permaculture Kitchen shows you how to cook no faff, seasonal & sustainable food with what your garden or seasonal produce seller has available.

What is it about?

My approach is to help you start your meal planning thinking about the ingredients and time you have to hand first. I couple this with some foundation principles and basic techniques to help you cook loads of different variations of meals. So the recipes (there are lots) illustrate the principles and techniques. I’ve included loads of  ideas for variations of flavours, ingredients and methods. I also give you suggestions for how you can use leftovers to save you time and energy.

Close to publishing

It’s been a long process and the project has changed a lot since I started writing what was to be a black & white e-book. We’re now producing a 176-page book with colour pictures along with the e-versions of it.

We’re currently fine tuning the last bits of the design and I hope it’ll be published in April. If you’d like first-hand information about the book’s release and offers and events, please fill in the form at the end of this post.

Whose hands?

The Permaculture Kitchen Cover ShootI did the photoshoot for the book with Hayley in September. We spent two very full days at home while I cooked loads of the recipes from the book for Hayley to style & shoot.

We had loads of strawberries still around and Hayley & Debs created the evocative cover image in Debs’ hands.

Given all the work Debs does in the garden and with the animals, ‘Debs the Hand Model’ was unexpected for both of us 😉 It really does symbolise for me the ethos of the book: Love food, love people, love the planet.

The inside scoop for you

I’m very excited by this as you can imagine.

On the off-chance that you may be a little excited too, I’ve created a small form for you to fill in to get the most up to date information about the book’s progress and my events. I won’t give your information to anyone else, I promise.

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11 responses to “The Permaculture Kitchen – nearly published”

  1. narf77 Avatar

    Can’t wait to see it in print 🙂 I wonder how long it will take for it to get anywhere near Australia! 😉

    1. Carl Avatar

      Why thank you 🙂

      As it happens, I know Oz outlets online are already advertising it, eg–free-range-produce/21779376

      Of course, the ship it’s delivered in may take a while 😀

      1. narf77 Avatar

        Mighty Ape?!!! That’s a new one on me! Cheers for the linky Carl. I will be tucking this baby into my treasured collection as soon as it graces our fair shore. Off to pre-order (if I can) 🙂

  2. VP Avatar

    Woot – I guessed that might be Debs inthe starring role. Many congrstulations Carl 🙂

    1. Carl Avatar

      Haha – thanks so much Michelle 🙂

  3. thewtfofgardeningSara Venn Avatar

    Hi Carl. I’m pleased as punch that the book is finally on it’s way to publication. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see more!! xxx

    1. Carl Avatar

      Thanks so much Sara 🙂

  4. Kate Mortimer Avatar
    Kate Mortimer

    I shall def be buying a book Carl. Love the jacket design! have you arranged a book signing? 😉

  5. lindaswildlifegarden Avatar

    what a lovely book carl I be saving up to buy one to buy one unless you do a give away and I’m lucky enough to win one have a blessed week

    1. Carl Avatar

      That’s a grand idea Linda – thanks 🙂

      1. lindaswildlifegarden Avatar

        My pleasure Carl very please for you and the family indeed