September Seedy Cuttings


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As I type this there’s yet another brutal weather front going over. The wind is howling and the rain lashing both pressing & clawing at the windows like hungry sea monsters. The transition into Autumn has crashed down like a saturated ceiling.

The seeds I received from Lucy are safely tucked up indoors awaiting a new year and some warmth. However, all has not been quiet here at Legge Towers on the Seedy Penpals front.

Mel & I have worked on a Questionnaire for those of you who took part in the last exchange. We will email this very shortly. Mel has done great outreach work in the Netherlands and far beyond: go have a read.

Here, I have saved seeds from some of our plants, especially the heritage varieties. We’ve saved seeds from our (former Heritage Seed Library) Dragon’s Tongue dwarf bean, achocha and sunflowers for example. We’ve also had a great year in propagating oca (oxalis tuberosa) seedlings. These may just be the crosses that will be the next generation of oca that doesn’t need to wait until after the autumn equinox to make tubers. We’ll find out next year.

Some of these things may find their way into my next Seedy Penpals parcel…

Anyway, if you have your own blogged update of progress with your Seedy Penpals seeds, you can add a link below…




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4 responses to “September Seedy Cuttings”

  1. VP Avatar

    Hi Carl (and Mel!) – links duly added, though there was a glitch first time. I think this is the first round up post so I’ve added links to both my seed arrival post and progress. I’ve had an email from penpal to say the parcel I sent has arrived and they’ve sown the seeds.

    Thanks to you both for organising and to Joanna for being my penpal 🙂

    Will you be taking it in turns to be the host?

    1. Carl Avatar

      Hi Michelle, been neglecting things here – life getting in the way of blog. Thanks for doing all that, you’re a star 🙂 We plan so far to act as co-hosts. We’ll see how that goes.


  2. Green Dragonette Avatar

    Hi Carl,

    I’m growing Oca for the first time this year. After a very slow start they appear to be growing well and I’m looking forward to harvesting them in due course. Any ideas on recipes for them?? And any tips on propagating them would be extremely useful!!

    1. Carl Avatar

      Hi there – good stuff on the Oca- they should come along leaps and bounds now. I have a couple of recipes for them – I’ll dig them out for you. I ‘could’ be writing a little book about how to grow and cook them with Owen. Hopefully that may come to fruition in 2013 🙂