Llŷn Peninsula sunset – crepuscular rays

Llŷn Peninsula sunset - Crepuscular Rays April 2012
Today started with high winds and snow. Nasty north-easterly winds that are not usual. So all sorts of things are blown into odd positions. After a few days where we did loads of work outside in shorts and t-shirts, it’s a bit nasty for the plants. In particular we have almond, buckthorn  and peach blossom that may not survive to become fruit. We shall see.

Anyway, we were rewarded with this fleeting sight. A gorgeous sunset with crespucular rays. It really is beautiful here, and we really do appreciate it.



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One response to “Llŷn Peninsula sunset – crepuscular rays”

  1. Green Dragonette Avatar

    Beautiful sunset and I learnt a new term- Crepuscular rays-

    Has been rather dark and dismal here in South Wales…snow on the tops of the nearby mountains and sleety snow showers but has not settled here…yet. I also worry about the plants-they predict 0 C tonight and more cold weather for the next few days…time to retreat to the kitchen…