Oct 172011

Fridge Jam

This is the third part of the Sloe Trilogy where you use the same batch of sloes to make wine, vodka and fridge jam.

Sloes in a glass

This jam has the great sloe taste. I was surprised, to be honest, because I thought that the flavour transfer to the wine and vodka would mean it carried less punch. That’s not the case at all and you’ll enjoy the earthy/fruity flavour of sloes.

I’ll confess that the first time I made a sloe fridge jam it was out of laziness.  I had fresh sloes and I didn’t want the faff of stoning or putting through a jelly bag. So I thought about making the jam with stones and all, and then sieving out the stones. And it worked.

This recipe is no harder. In fact, it’s easier because I’ve changed the order of things around a little.

You’ll need some granulated sugar and some sterilised jam jars or other containers for your finished jam.

This jam has a lower sugar content than normal jams at only 50% of the weight of the fruit. It will keep OK outside the fridge until opened. Once open, keep it in the fridge. Want to have a go? Read on… Continue reading »

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