Talented Talets

Talented Talets
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  1. Hello Carl,

    The pictures of your garden are so lovely.
    I’m intrigued by your talented talets; are they a plant local to your area?


    • Hello again Elaine 🙂

      Thanks so much. The garden is developing nicely.

      The talets are a South American crop ‘Amphicarpaea bracteata’ or ‘Hog Peanut’ (not the peanut yo may eat for snacks!).

      I got mine from the very generous Owen at Radix Rootcrops

      Tiny Talets

      Owen is an evangelist for seeing how we utilise new rootcrops to feed us. So we’re trying talets along with oca (oxalis tuberosa) and mashua (mashua tropaeolum).

      The idea is to see if we can allow them to show their genetic diversity and then pick specimens that are more suited to our environment. In addition, it’s fun to grow new things 🙂

      Hope that helps

Please let me know what you think, thanks :)