Jan 262010

Red willowThe bad weather had prevented the planned pruning of trees so far.  It’s important to wait till the winter when the trees are in their dormant phase and the sap is down.  However, we didn’t want to start making cuts in trees when things were still freezing.  However, we’ve got a lot of pruning to do and we wanted to get started to ensure everything gets done before the sap starts to rise in the summer.  It’s a perennial (sorry!) tension between going with what nature gives you and getting the jobs done.  Natural in tension with the managed.  The few days just past gave us a weather and time window that was ideal to get started.

We’ve alot to to.  We have about 100m (330′) of double rowed willow of various types along with ten fruit trees and a dozen hawthorns which have to be pruned.  In addtion we’ve loads of gorse and other hedgerow species that need to be maintained at some stage. Continue reading »

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