Oct 262011

I experimented today & used 20% kamut flour in with my white sourdough bread.

Seems like the long loaf was pleased to see me: some grin there…

White and kamut sourdough loaf with a big 'grin'
And this round one is just a star:

White and kamut sourdough loaf: round with star scoring
Taste test to come once it cools a bit 🙂

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  8 Responses to “White and kamut sourdough bread”

  1. Kamut flour is new to me – but the bread looks gorgeous!

  2. your loaves look so good..and i’m looking forward to your ‘how to make sourdough’ posting..

  3. Oh. You are making me so hungry….

    Are you going to write this up with a rough ingredient/hydration info? I’ve subscribed to your blog now, which is so brill – I’m receiving notices about 20-hours after you post which isn’t too bad.

    • Hi Misk

      I’m planning a new ‘How to make Sourdough’ posting with my current ‘standard’ loaf. I’ll include the recipe for this one in that as a variation. Is that OK?

      Carl x

  4. They look fantastic!

  5. Can I place my order now please or is there q queue? Those look just perfect 🙂

    • Hi Joanna

      No queue yet 😉

      Really pleased with how they turned out. The kamut does absorb more water than the spelt or wholemeal so I’ve added a bit more water to my normal recipe. It worked very well too.

      The ‘handle’/grin on the long loaf was an experiment in slashing, I was a bit surprised at how pronounced it came out 🙂

      Thanks for popping by…

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