Feb 182011
The other morning was one of those lovely clean and clear mornings as the sun rose through the early morning mist. I put breakfast on hold and did my garden wander with camera in hand. I thought some of my readers might like to share…

Hazel catkins

Ramsons poking their heads up
Chives sunbathing under honeysuckle & ivy

Hamamelis jelena glorious flowers

Saffron crocus amongst the flowers

Elephant’s Ears survived the snow & frost

Olive modelled by the wind in front of beech

Snowdrops through acer little lamps

Our oak nursery – when big enough they go to the fields

Broad Bean ‘The Sutton’ November sowings now outside

September planted Garlic going well

Cavalo Nero going strong and some spring green to eat

Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli ‘Rudolph’ Star perfomer

At last I hope we’re coming out of the winter’s clutches. It was much harder here than we’ve seen for the last 13 years.

Spring brings new hope for the year ahead. I’ll post more soon about detailed garden plans and events.

  4 Responses to “Spring arrives in the garden”

  1. It's so good to see nature waking up… how I miss it so much! I'll be back on my mountains sometimes :)
    Thanks for sharing these precious moments!

  2. Hello again Carl, Got your name correct now (I called you Ben for some reason last time I commented on here.)

    Yes we're getting glimpses of spring here too, but this evening, as we drove home from shopping, was very winterish; misty and damp, as if we were back in December!

    Thank you for your detailed reply to my enquiry about hens and willow. We’ve decided not to get hens now; our neighbours hens were coming into our garden, with our blessing, because we felt they’d be good for the soil (nature's tractors and all)! But they began acting like proper hooligans, ripping up plants and scattering soil all over the place J

    We’re turning the garden into a forest garden as it is and the idea of hens pecking up our seeds come planting time put us off, and we didn’t like the idea of fencing into a compound all of the time.

    I look forward to reading any blog you write on willow to.

    Best wishes


  3. Great photos Carl. Jealous of that PSB poking through, mine's a little way off yet.

    Cavalo Nero looks really tasty.

  4. The saffron crocuses in my garden are a nice touch of green at the moment :) The sorrel is also springing up, which is good news for the chickens because it's one of their favourite leafy greens! Your garden looks lovely :D

Please let me know what you think, thanks :)

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